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3 Keys To Ebook Success

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24 responses to “1 – 3 keys to Ebook Success”

  1. CCB refresh.! good one Liam , was taking a break from working on the content creation blaster ust now. good timing for you’re encouraging video , cheers

  2. As usual, Liam serves up generous quantities of know-how and encouragement. Gosh, it’s after 11 PM while I’m watching this and now Ian’s got me fired up, ready to write. Well, I’ll just take myself off to bed and watch this video first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks, Liam. Your enthusiasm is appreciated. ML, Carolyn Berger

  3. Love your presentation,clean ,clear and informative. Would love to know how you do the white board trick. I have written three amusing fiction books,done a lot of publicity on social sites,got some good reviews but still selling hardly anything.there is a million plus books out there.It will not stop me writing because I love it,but think that 98 percent of books will never sell unless they are on the first page or so of any specific topic. As many of us live outside of the USA ,Amazon will not pay you by direct transfer,you have to wait till you have sold a hundred dollars worth ,not including your cut.Therefore they could hold on to your sales money for years if you don’t sell many. I call this a scam. regards john

    • Thanks John, all done with a green screen!
      I think fiction is pretty hard. Unlike non-fiction, where you are meeting a specific need (solving a problem) for the reader, with fiction you are relying almost entirely on building a personal reputation to sell your books. There are people out there with big budgets trying to do just that. If you love writing why not try something in non-fiction, something that you’re passionate about? Just an idea….
      All the best anyway

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. When your passion merges with solving a problem, you have a real winner on your hands. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Thanks Liam.You’ve hit the nail on the head about providing a solution for a problem.
    It’s inspiring too!

  6. I really did enjoy your video. It was very educational and you were
    very precise and informative with the information that you shared
    with eveyone who want to write an e-book. All of your details were
    clear and made sense, you outlined everything a person who is
    considering writing an e-book should think about before writing it.
    Make sure it is something that the reader can relate to or understand
    and make sure the writer is passionale and enjoy what he or she
    is writing about. You explained everything real well,

    Thank you and I know the information you shared will help me
    and is very valuable.

  7. Good overview of the key motivational elements one should consider when deciding whether to write an Ebook.

  8. I have you templates, but ran into a problem towards the adding seven more chapters to the template. I have read you pdf and when I updated the fields in table of contents it ignored the extra chapters. What did I do wrong? Lastly, your template is just what I need and thank you for your hard work. Please reply so I may finish my ebook and download it amazon.com kindle.

    • Hi Eric,
      You need to use the heading style for the chapter titles as in the instructions.
      Glad you enjoy the template and all the best with your ebook.


  9. how to write ebook and market. I am not a writer.
    I am a programmer. I dont know what to write in ebook.
    I am an expert in programming though.
    world no 1 professional network says so.
    I am willing to do hard work.
    how to subscribe to the course.

  10. I have started using your ebook template and I have watched your video.. All have been very informative and helpful. I have never written one before.. and your advice is very helpful and interesting..
    thanks again …