Easy Ebook Creation with Liam Naden

The Real Secret to Getting Rich with Ebooks

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11 responses to “3 – The Real Secret to Getting Rich with Ebooks”

  1. Makes good sense Liam. Now to keep with the focus and flow of ideas to promote better Ebook Blasters. cheers

  2. Good idea. The books don’t have to be the main source of revenue but can lead to fans who will be inclined to go on and buy higher priced products from a variety of sources. Do you have a specific process where you do this yourself?

    • Hi Marjie,
      Yes there is no better way to build more fans than through an ebook, which is why I think everyone should have one!
      The most effective process I have found is ebook – squeeze page – videos (like this one!)
      All the best

  3. Hey Liam, thanks for the video and the ideas on marketing with our ebooks. I just wanted to check on one thing with you. I was under the impression from the Amazon TOS that we can’t promote other books (books not on Amazon) from our ebooks and I wasn’t sure if that was what you were saying.

    However, I do know we can link to our websites which can have articles that will take people to a squeeze page for our books, courses, coaching, etc. At least that was my understanding, but maybe Amazon has changed the terms. We can also link to other amazon books.

    Please let us know for sure what you meant because these ideas are brilliant!



    • Hi Rhonda,
      Yes you want to use your ebooks to link to your website and your general information. From there you can promote specific products. It’s about getting your reader to feel good about you from the great information that you give them in your ebook and them wanting to continue the ‘relationship’ with you. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.
      Glad you enjoyed the video – thanks for the feedback.


  4. Gee, Liam, I have two very good puzzle books ready to go soon as I figure out how to format them and am all set to write a non-fiction book that will nicely take advantage of the template you’ve set up for Content Blasters. For now I think I’ll keep my wits wrapped around writing the book for Ebook Blasters and finding good HTML formatting instructions for my puzzle books.

    Then, in a few days, when I’ve completed those priority tasks, I’ll come knocking on your kind door, asking for advice how to promote my published Kindle ebooks. Don’t consider promotion a part of creating, but a separate function as is editing. Hmmm, by the time I’m knocking you may be offering a step-by-step how to for marketing ebooks. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Much respect, Carolyn Berger

    • Hi Carolyn, sounds like you’re making huge progress – great stuff. There is a kindle marketing course as part of the “Ebook Creation Mastery” program. It is right at the end because I want to make sure everyone “nails” the process of quickly and easily creating ebooks (and the right sort of ebooks) which is actually the major piece of the puzzle.
      You’ll be getting the kindle marketing course as you’re enrolled in the program. It’s the things I’ve found that actually work rather than a lot of things I’ve seen in other courses that are complicated, costly and ineffective. Stay tuned!

      All the best,


  5. Thanks for that Liam – in this internet world leverage is an important consideration in what ever we do because it lends itself so well to this medium.

    It is a powerful point you raise with regard to having the ebook as a platform from which to develop a brand and using diversification as a means to enhance the brand.


    Mike FD

  6. This makes good sense Liam, thanks for this.
    Enjoying your bitesize advice videos, cheers 🙂