About.com writer and Kindle bestselling author Liam Naden Presents...

FREE! "Create Your Own Professional-looking Ebooks in Minutes with the Instant Ebook Template!"

Simply write or paste your content directly into the Instant Ebook Template – and your ebook is formatted automatically!

  • Page numbers
  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Chapters
  • Headings and Sub Headings
  • Copyright Notice, Disclaimer
  • Ideal page size and fonts

… all created for you – instantly!

  • Simple and easy to use (no fancy formatting skills required)
  • Powerful: creates a great look every time
  • Comes in both MS Word and Open Office formats
  • *Also included: Instruction Guide and Video*
I’ve been looking for something that is a cut about the traditional templates that are available like those in Create Space or elsewhere. This one beats all of them hands down. 

The biggest obstacle in putting your ebook online is formatting. If books are formatted incorrectly then reviewers complain and book sales plummet. Your template solves that problem straight away.
- Imaveryluckyman, Warrior Forum
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